About Us

Cyclone Services is family owned
and operated garbage and waste removal service.

Started in 1959 as "Bowers Sanitation",
Cyclone Services has been proudly
family owned and operated ever since.

Call to inquire or start service!

1(800) 711-2976 or (419) 684-9797

Brittany Dupont Hemmer

Great service, always on time, friendly employees.

Deborah Miller

Great company all around. The truck missed my trash twice in the past 3 years and when I call they send a truck by the next day for it. The people in the office are friendly and helpful every time. I pay the yearly rate and I love the free month I get.

Jim Hartinger Radloff

Great service. Outstanding office staff. Have tried two other services. Cyclone is by far the best.

Brian Hockenberry

Great guys!! They never miss us. I just wish they would go in my garage when I forget to put it out and grab it. Once a month

Terry Scott

I have have had these people for more years than I can remember , they are excellent. always treated me fair,and I try to treat them right . ran over my can and they had me a new one out here in no time. Very happy

Wendy Bower Jett

Cyclone services goes above and beyond. Very windy today and I come out to find they brought my dumpster all away up my long driveway back up to the house! I imagine because it's so windy out. They have actually before when I forgot to take the garbage out come up to the house and got the dumpster for me! thank you very much!!! Great customer service!

Tim Franks

Good people, definitely recommended! Always set our trash can off of our driveway so we don't have to get out to move it when we get home from work, they even close the lid. Reasonably priced as well, hopefully no increases soon.